Partner Chips or Partner Ships ?

Are you also coping with Partner Chips : low revenues generated by partners, poor sales ?
With ChannelAid, you get the biggest part of the cake !

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We are a channel development agency

Channel Aid, the missing link !

We are specialized in implementing and building partnerships resulting in faster growth and broader market penetration. We provide advice, analysis, marketing support and expand your potential – and we are much more than that : a multidisciplinary team of smart, open-minded and forward-thinking experts.

Executive search

Executive search

We search and find specialized talents matching with the required skills of the specific market and domains you are working in. These specialists will be the guarantee to develop the success of your business. You are looking for testers, compliancy specialists, validation engineers, risk specialists, business and functional analysts, BPM, agile, scrum, SSO specialists, DBA's, ... You ask, we find !

Distribution Channels

Distribution channels

Are you looking to expand your business via new distribution channels ?
Do you need to map the channels of distribution of your competitors ?

We have an broad expertise in several technology and service segments of the market across Europe : IT, telecom, security, CIM, instrumentation, consultancy, Data Centers, CAD/CAM, training, printing, advertising ...
We offer result-oriented marketing and sales solutions to drive channels, grow your sales and profitability. We translate channel strategies into workable tactics that deliver measurable results. Our win-win methodology makes it possible to tackle every possible market. If you sell through resellers, partners, dealers or solution providers, we promote your brand, we monitor competition, we drive growth, develop your sales mix, improve your coverage and maximize revenue. Win-win business relationships are build on the following cornerstones : mutual respect, integrity and benefit, mutual competence, enthusiasm and competitive alternatives.

Partner Databases and ChannelBases

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You tell us the segment, the target, the needed expertise that you expect from your partner, our researchers enrich and build a structured database pinpointed to your specific and future markets.

Market Data & Trends

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Channel Aid is able to provide market data about your specific market.
We scan regularly different market segments and are able to generate trends for specific technologies and pinpoint early adopter, growing and declining markets.


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Indirect sales need to be done without conflict with your partner. Therefore, appropriate communication and segmentation of the market, adapted promotion and pricing is needed. We deliver a turnkey approach of your potential partners according to the positioning we define together and provide insight in the channels of distribution of your competition.

Merger & Acquisitions

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In high-tech competitive markets, you need an independent external helicopter view of potential targeted businesses. We are able to provide information about strengths and weaknesses of companies in specific markets so you can win successful auctions, evaluate and quantify upside potential. In a crisis environment, the transaction parties need more than ever highly business advisers to assess key issues in an efficient way.

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